VVP - Virtual Visual Planner

The virtual meeting room for professional project management

Project management can become a serious challenge when your project team is not working from the same physical location. The Virtual Visual Planner (VVP) will help you eliminate the distance barrier between your project teams.

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In practice, VVP works as an advanced digital whiteboard, where you can work online to keep track of important project planning information and create, update and move ”virtual Post-It” – either with the mouse or by touch (touch screen). This makes VVP particularly suitable for meetings where participants are located at different geographical locations or if you’r often on the move. VVP supports common models for project management, such as Lean, Scrum, Kanban etc. and is easy to integrate with SharePoint.

You can customize the appearance and level of details of your boards. This makes it easier to run parallel projects with many simultaneous participants - without the risk of losing the overview.

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Virtual Visual Planner ensures

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  • Full overview of the project for all project participants
  • Optimal knowledge sharing across physical boundaries
  • Easy access to documentation and history
  • Better utilization of staff resources
  • Reduced travel costs and shorter meetings
  • No need for physical sticky notes and whiteboards
  • Overview of who is doing what
  • Optimized prioritization of limited resources
  • Create an overview of equipment, meeting room or employees
  • Much easier planning
  • Synchronization of remote teams and tasks
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